May is National Elder Law Month

Elder Law attorneys across America are taking the opportunity this month to highlight educational opportunities for the public to learn about topics that affect our aging population. Below are some suggestions for gaining more knowledge on important subjects.

The Ohio State Bar Association (OSBA) has a new YouTube video series called Law Facts that anyone can watch online to obtain information about many interesting legal topics. Some of the Law Facts topics that pertain to our field of practice are:

Don't Get Caught Dead Without A Will

A recent survey of more than 2,000 people found that 64% of the people surveyed indicated that they don't have wills, according to an article published online by AARP.  Many people are superstitious about planning for death. People fear that once they get the ball rolling on estate planning, something bad will happen.  Time after time, however, our clients tell us that they experience such a sense of relief after completing their estate planning.  The peace of mind far outweighs the fear involved in beginning the estate planning process.

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