Trisha Webb

Trisha Webb, Fiduciary Services Manager, has been faithfully serving our most vulnerable clients since 2010.  Trisha’s Elder Care Services Department is one of the only such departments in the Miami Valley operating out of a law firm.  Because of the type of liability insurance that our firm has, we are able to manage the finances and day-to-day care of people who do not have anyone who is willing or able to care for them.  We do this by becoming the legal agent for the client, whether through a power of attorney or a guardianship.  Trisha’s background in banking and nursing give her the skills needed to manage the client’s bank account, bill paying, and health care plans, and act as the liaison between the client, caregiver, and caseworker, to ensure quality care.  We get feedback from nursing care facilities and health care workers quite frequently that they have never heard of a law firm performing these types of high-liability fiduciary services. 

Trisha also assists our clients with applying for VA and SSA benefits, and Medicaid assistance, if needed.  We have many clients who are in the VA system, so Trisha is a frequent visitor to the Dayton Veteran’s Administration.  In addition, Trisha serves clients who live at Bethany Village, Friendship Village, Lincoln Park, and the various Trinity and Brookdale facilities around the Miami Valley.  Because Trisha serves as an advocate for our fiduciary clients, as a result, the nursing staff and administration at health care facilities know Trisha well, and refer clients who need elder care services.

Trisha is a very compassionate person, who has a personal connection with every fiduciary client for whom she serves.  She often sends the fiduciary clients greeting cards, takes them their favorite food or dessert, and always honors them on their birthdays.  Much of Trisha’s compassion for our most vulnerable clients comes from her experience of having a sister with special needs.  Trisha has two children and has lived in Brookville with her husband, Jeff, for over 25 years.