What people are saying about Roberson Law...

"Nancy, Amy, and staff made a very sad and difficult situation with my father's estate planning bearable. Their professionalism, kindness, and love of God is evident in their practice. I can't thank them enough for all of their help, especially with the added difficulty of being 900 miles away." Montina from Texas

"Trisha and Nancy, I appreciate the passion you put into assisting all of your clients and I strive to provide the same excellent service!"  Thomas, PNC Bank

"Nancy Roberson is wonderful. She and her staff went above and beyond for my dad. If you or a loved one need assistance this law firm is outstanding. They treated us like family. They were knowledgeable, understanding and supportive during difficult times. Words cannot express my gratitude." Daun G.

"This is a long overdue note to let you know how pleased we were with the extremely professional and most helpful legal services provided by you and your staff during the planning for, preparation of, and delivery of our new estate plans. It was a total surpise that you provided us with a $500.00 courtesy discount on our final statement. Not only was that extremely kind and generous of you, but in doing so I trust that you realize that you are doing serious damage to the image that many of us carry around in our minds about "blood sucking lawyers!" James and Judith  

"I just want to thank you (Jennifer) for making my experience comfortable going through my dad's probate.  I'm so glad that my niece found your firm and we are very satisfied with the results.  Thank you so much!  May all great blessings come to you and the firm." Jackie from Connecticut

"It was wonderful meeting with Kristina Rainer.  Her presence was comforting to us.  She's knowledgeable and presents herself very well.  She is an excellent representative of your firm, and gets our thumbs up!"
Cliff & Jeanann from Centerville, Ohio

"Ms. Roberson and I have been acquainted for over 20 years, both personally and professionally. My dealings with her have been consistently positive and honest . She has represented me as a client and also worked with me on several real estate transactions over the years.  I have observed her manner with her employees, her clients, and other professionals and know her to be always considerate, kind, and thorough. The growth of her practice is a testimonial not only to her skills as an attorney but also to her caring manner."
Judith, Irongate Realtors

"The professionals at Roberson Law are excellent in Estate Law, Trusts and Probate. I have been very impressed with the work they do and the professionalism they show. It is important to work with professionals that know the ins and outs of Estates, Trusts and Probate. This firm specializes in this area. Keep up the good work!”
Keith from West Carrollton, Ohio

"Dear friends at Roberson Law, thank you so much for all of your hard work on my behalf.  I so appreciated your understanding manner and patience with me!  Thank you for helping me with the financial part of this too.  This was a new territory for me and you eased a lot of the anxiety for me.  Thanks and Bless you!"
Joan from Xenia, Ohio

 “When having legal documents drawn up, it’s so important to have honest, reliable, knowledgeable people preparing them.  That’s why my husband and I chose Roberson Law to handle our wills and estate planning.  In addition, when my mother died, we had Roberson Law settle her estate.  This legal activity was completed in a timely, competent manner.  My husband and I have been very pleased with Roberson Law and the caring people who work there.  We highly recommend Roberson Law to our friends and loved ones.”
N. Williams from Dayton, Ohio

"Warm, caring, loving, patient, friendly, personable, and efficient are just a few words that I would choose in describing our experiences over the past ten years with Roberson Law.  With so many changes in our world, it is comforting to be able to trust your personal affairs to a law firm you can have confidence in."
Tom & Renee from Miamisburg, Ohio

"A testimonial I learned the hard way…my husband of 33 years was losing his 1 ½ year battle with pancreatic cancer in July 2005 at 52 years young. A friend of mine arranged for Nancy Roberson to meet with me. Nancy and her staff traveled to The Hospice of Dayton to meet with me on numerous occasions. They were very caring and supportive during my last days with my husband but helped me finalize paperwork that needed to be handled during a very difficult time, always explaining everything along the way. Their care, support and expertise continued after my husband’s death. They took care of everything and walked my through all that had to be done…so many changes. They took the time to explain, the time to hug me on those not-so-good days and the time necessary to get my affairs in order. I can’t say enough “good” about these “angels” that have come into my life. I have highly recommended them to my friends so they may be proactive and set up their affairs while both spouses are still alive. I thank Nancy and her staff for my peace of mind."
Debbie Wright, Debray Enterprises, Inc. dba McDonald's

"When it came to our estate planning, it was important to us that we get it done, but we were not looking forward to the process.  But Nancy made it extremely easy.  Her expertise was obvious and she did a great job looking out for, and even identifying, our family’s specific needs."   
Dennis & Melissa Riggs from Miamisburg, Ohio

"We have received gracious and professional counsel at the Roberson Law firm.  Their advice was extremely helpful in establishing our estate plans and making some long-term decisions.  I consider Nancy Roberson to be one of the top attorneys in the Dayton area. We have been served well by Nancy and her staff."
Claude E. (Bud) Schindler, Jr., Past Superintendent/President, Dayton Christian School/Legacy Ministries International

 "I have known Nancy Roberson for over 10 years. We met when she was giving a presentation about estate planning on a Women's Day. Later, she took time to explain the details of our estate planning to my husband and I that we did not really understand. I am so glad that I had Nancy to depend on, especially when my husband died. Nancy is a good person to have as your lawyer because she is very knowledgeable, but not intimidating."
Julie from Kettering, Ohio

"Thank you very much for your willingness to participate in the attorney panel this past Monday.  Your comments were insightful and were the topic of numerous discussions the next day in class.  One of the things we discussed in class was the value you place on integrity when hiring a paralegal.  While most of us know intellectually that having integrity is a given, your comments really brought home how important good character is to our careers."
Erin Kennedy, Past President of the Paralegal Student Association

"Roberson Law really goes the extra mile for their clients and truly cares about their clients as a person and their situation versus what's in it for them. I would highly recommend Roberson Law and all of their employees. They are very dedicated and ethical and really go the extra mile. I have never ever seen a law firm take this approach."
Tami from Troy, Ohio

"I have worked with Nancy Roberson and her office for approximately 6 years now and refer to them on a consistent basis. They are passionate about helping people and providing knowledge to the general population, as Nancy will always jump in to do free, informative seminars at every organization that I have been associated with, never asking for anything in return. You will not find a group of people, especially an attorney, that truly cares and puts an individual's needs first."  Ron Easthon, Trinity Community at Beavercreek