Support Services

Roberson Law Support Services, Dayton, Ohio

The Widows and Young Widows Support Groups

The Widows Support Groups provide grief support to in the Greater Dayton Area.  If you are experiencing grief from the loss of a husband, we invite you to visit their groups. They offer:

  • Emotional support through your time of grieving and loneliness.
  • Hope for a brighter tomorrow, even though that sounds impossible.
  • Friendships with others who can cry, laugh, and heal with you.

Christian Legal Society

At Roberson Law, we specialize in Estate Planning, Trust, Probate and Elder Law services.  Understanding that there are many other areas of law in which you may need assistance, we encourage you to utilize the Christian Legal Society's Christian Lawyer Directory service to locate a lawyer for services outside our areas of expertise.

This service will allow you to connect to over 1,700 attorney members of the Christian Legal Society.

Ohio Medicaid Resources

Ohio’s Medicaid laws can be very confusing and difficult to understand.  An improper transfer of money when planning to apply for Medicaid can get one permanently disqualified from ever getting approved for Medicaid coverage.  The attorneys at Roberson Law have many years of experience in advising people about the best steps to take when making plans to pay for long term health care and about when to apply for Medicaid.  Many of the initial questions that people have about paying for long term health care costs, however, are answered on the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services website at .

Legacy Planning

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