Penny Norvell

Penny Norvell, Legal Secretary, has worked at Roberson Law since March of 2018.  Penny is the “gatekeeper” for our busy front desk.  She answers phones, schedules appointments, processes the high volume of mail we receive, and serves as the client concierge to help onboard all of our new and returning clients.  Penny is well liked among our clients and staff, so much that a 2020 Facebook post about Penny on our firm page received 650 likes, 40 comments, and 13 shares; the highest response that any employee at Roberson Law has ever received on social media.  Everybody loves Penny!

Penny is always looking for ways to challenge herself and improve at Roberson Law.  After working at Roberson Law for only one year, Penny decided that she wanted to become a paralegal; an endeavor that many administrative staff members initiate after they begin working at the firm.  Penny is projected to finish her degree at Sinclair College in Paralegal Studies at the end of 2020.

Penny is originally from Fort Myers, Florida, but her husband, Ken, who she has been married to for over 25 years, was born and raised in Dayton.  In early 2018, in order to be closer to her in-laws, Penny, Ken, and their three adult children, moved back to Dayton.  Penny started working for Roberson Law the same week she moved to Dayton and has been working at the firm ever since.