Our Firm's Heritage

At Roberson Law, our mission is to provide excellent, compassionate legal services to help people plan for the unexpected and prepare for the inevitable.

After Nancy A. Roberson's personal tragedy of becoming widowed at the young age of 27, Nancy realized the need for helping people prepare for death and disability.  As she became more involved in the process, Estate Planning and Probate Law became her passion.  As a result, Nancy focused her efforts in this area by starting an individual practice out of her home in 1986.  By 1997, Nancy's practice had grown to the point that she decided to form a legal corporation for her practice, thus becoming Nancy A. Roberson Co., L.P.A., also known as Roberson Law.  

Now serving over 3,500 clients, Roberson Law has grown to be known as one of the premier firms in Dayton for Estate Planning, Trust, and Probate Law services.