Jennifer Burkitt

Jennifer Burkitt is a graduate of Sinclair College and has been the lead paralegal in charge of the probate department at Roberson Law since 2001.  Jennifer is highly skilled in her field of law, so much so that she is often consulted by attorneys in the legal community outside of Roberson Law about probate and trust administration matters.  Jennifer is regarded as an expert in her practice area.

Jennifer frequently consults with Probate Court magistrates to obtain the most up-to date knowledge about the local rules, and every year Jennifer takes Continuing Legal Education courses to stay current on the estate and trust administration law.  Jennifer’s knowledge and understanding of the probate sections of the Ohio Revised Code is vast and deep, for Jennifer is used as a resource for numerous legal professionals in the community to assist in working through current issues pertaining to probate law.

Jennifer has mentored numerous paralegal students from Sinclair Community College, and has taken students under her leadership for internships, too, so that students can gain knowledge from her wisdom and years of experience working in probate and estate administration law.

Because of Jennifer’s aptitude in her career, Jennifer received the award from Sinclair Community College as the 2016 Paralegal of the Year and then the following year Jennifer was awarded the honor of 2017 Outstanding Paralegal by the past Montgomery County Clerk of Courts, Gregory Brush.  Jennifer was honored alongside many prestigious judges and attorneys in Dayton who were given awards.

Jennifer has two adult children, six grandsons, and lives in Springfield with her husband, Ricky.