Janna Speck

Janna Speck, Paralegal, is a graduate of Sinclair College and has worked at Roberson Law since 2016.  Janna has been in charge of the guardianship probate department since 2018.  Janna assists clients in opening up a new guardianship for minor children and for people with dementia or a mental illness.  She prepares all of the annual accountings and court pleadings that are required to legally maintain a guardianship administered through the probate court.  Janna also prepares the pleadings for estate administrations.

Janna is in charge of filing all of the estate administration pleadings with the probate courts.  We have hundreds of active probate cases around the many counties in Ohio, so Janna manages all of the required filings across the state and maintaining the necessary bonds for estate administrators.

Janna was a military kid, born and partly raised in California.  Janna’s family moved to Beavercreek when she was a teenager and Janna graduated from Beavercreek High School.  Janna has two sisters.  Janna and her husband, Sean, live in Kettering and have three minor and two adult children, who are all girls.  Between Janna’s sisters and children, her family is not lacking in females, that’s for sure.