How to Avoid An Estate Battle With Heirs

If a Will has been drafted and executed properly by a qualified estate planning attorney, then the chances of heirs having an estate battle over an inheritance is minimized.  However, even when a Will has been prepared and executed properly, sometimes problems will happen anyway after a person's death.  

What kinds of problems normally exist after a person dies?  Ambiguity is a big problem for many self-executed Wills, especially when it's not clear what the decedent's wishes were.  In addition to having an ambiguous Will, many people do not have a Will that has been drafted according to the state-specific laws in the state where they reside. Problems can occur when people have their Will prepared online or move to another state after their Will was executed.  Having your Will reviewed by an estate planning attorney in the state where you have moved is imperative to ensure that the state-specific language in the Will comports with the laws in the state where you now reside.  When ambiguity or a discrepancy occurs in a Will, what happens?  The probate court has to come to the rescue (hint: that is not the desired result)!