Elder Law Update: What You Should Know About Adult Protective Services

We get a good amount of calls in our office about elder abuse or elder neglect. Many times the call comes from a professional who calls about a client of his or hers who appears to be in distress and has no family or friends to assist. When we get these calls, we almost always refer the person to Adult Protective Services (APS).

APS is a government agency run by each county that exists to provide help to defenseless older adults who have no one to assist them.  A caller's name is always kept confidential and APS has a duty to investigate every call that is made to them.  The number to APS in Montgomery County is 937.225.5475 and the number to APS in Greene County is 937.562.6000.

For a list of answers to other frequently asked questions about APS, please read this article published by the Ohio Bar Association.