Cheryl Lail

Cheryl Lail, Legal Documents Manager, has worked at Roberson Law since 2002 and has been in charge of the Estate Planning Department since 2005.  Often referred to by staff as the firm’s “train conductor,” Cheryl has faithfully served Roberson Law by working as the liaison between more than 3,000 estate planning clients and the attorneys at the firm. 

Cheryl is the leader of workflow in the estate planning department.  She is instrumental in maintaining the estate planning department’s time lines and overseeing its case management. Cheryl’s work on the documents is vital to the ongoing success of our firm.  Her services help lower overall fees to our clients while still maintaining the firm’s highest level of standards.  As our clients are already aware, she is an invaluable member of our team.

Cheryl’s faith and morality have proven to be a compass for our entire staff.  We look to her in times of need for her unwavering trust in God.  Cheryl’s conviction to maintain a consistent and constant strong moral compass allows her to be trusted with our most confidential and sensitive information.  In addition to all of her other duties, she has been trusted with Roberson Law’s bookkeeping and reporting of the attorneys’ continuing education for sixteen years.  You can imagine how much reporting that requires Cheryl to do.

Cheryl has been a longtime resident of Farmersville, Ohio, and all of her three children attend, or have attended, Valley View Schools.  Cheryl has a beloved cat and has been married to her husband, Jeff, for over 30 years.