Brandon Eckstein

Brandon Eckstein, Paralegal, has been with Roberson Law since January 2019.  Brandon graduated from Sinclair College at the end of 2019 after interning with Roberson Law.  While interning with Roberson Law and maintaining a full course load at Sinclair, Brandon also worked at Sinclair College, worked at retail job, and was an active member of Sinclair College’s Paralegal Student Association.  After obtaining his degree in Paralegal Studies, Brandon was quickly promoted to the Legal Documents Assistant for Attorneys Nancy Roberson and Julie Helter.

As evidenced from Brandon’s work while in school, and quick rise in the firm, Brandon has a strong work ethic and is a hard worker.  He attributes this to his strong upbringing as a part of a military family.  Brandon was in three different schools in four years before moving back to Ohio when his father transferred to Ohio from Florida.  Brandon’s positive and can-do attitude, which has been invaluable to Roberson Law, undoubtedly was developed throughout a lifetime of overcoming struggles.  Brandon comes from a large Catholic family with five siblings, and Brandon has a disabled sister for which Brandon partly serves as Caregiver.  These life experiences have given Brandon a unique ability to empathize and relate to our clients, and has brought a new perspective for everyone who works at Roberson Law.