Amy Cary

Amy Cary has been the Business Manager of Roberson Law since 1998.  Amy is a graduate of Wright State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Communications.  Amy has served on many boards for various non-profit organizations throughout her career at Roberson Law, most recently serving as the Director of Ambassadors for Women in Business Networking.  Amy also previously served as the Co-Director for the Dayton Chapter of the Christian Marketplace Network. 

Amy wears many hats at Roberson Law, but some of her duties include managing the firm’s billing department, performing marketing duties, and handling the firm's operations.  Amy also serves as the cheerleader and team leader for the staff, supporting and encouraging employees to maximize their potential and become the best versions of themselves.  Amy’s loyalty to her employees knows no limits, for she and her staff possess mutual respect towards one another, resulting in very low employee turnover.

Amy and her husband, Marc, will have been married 25 years in June 2020.  Amy and Marc have two teenage daughters who attend Centerville High School where Marc has taught science for almost 20 years.  Amy is also the only child of the firm’s president, Nancy Roberson.