8 Important Estate Planning Actions That Don't Involve Getting A Will

Have you heard the saying that planning for death is about one notch above getting a colonoscopy on a person's to do list?

Most people who call our office for estate planning advice assume that getting a Will is the most important activity when doing estate planning.  However, based on over 30 years of practice in this specific area of law, we know that the prior assumption is not the always the case.  

Robert Deschene, an estate planning attorney in Massachusetts wrote a blog entry titled, "8 Estate Planning Things To Do Before You Travel" that advises his clients about the legal matters that should be done before traveling.  Our firm believes, however, that the article really addresses estate planning things that need to be done right now, regardless of whether or not you are going to be traveling.  Reviewing your Will is a good start, but not the only order of business when doing disability and death planning.  Interestingly enough, the first thing that Deschene advises it to simply get started on your planning and "Just Do It."  For many people, the act of getting started is the hardest step.

Read Robert's article to obtain the full list of the estate planning things that you should do now (or before you travel).