Getting Remarried? Don't Discount the Value of a Prenup When Planning for Death

Our office has seen an influx of requests for Premarital Agreements (aka Prenup or "PMA") due to the numerous amounts of clients who are deciding to remarry later in life after the original spouse has died. And the reason for obtaining a PMA is not because the clients thinks that they may end up getting divorced...

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Protecting Your Privacy: Getting a Trust Isn't Always About Protecting Your Assets

protecting your family's privacy?

In his article "Addressing Client Privacy," attorney George H. Lovett points to statistics from the Federal Trade Commission showing that in 2011, agencies registered 1.8 million scam complaints, costing the victims over $1.5 billion. Consider these numbers along with the fact that Ohio has one of the strongest open public records laws in the country, and the stage is set for scam artists to take advantage of unsuspecting Ohio citizens.


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