Nancy A. Roberson Selected by Cincinnati Magazine as a Five Star Estate Planning Attorney in Dayton

Over five hundred estate planning attorneys were originally looked at and then narrowed down to one hundred eight nominees. Only nineteen winners were chosen, after surveys were conducted and scored to determine the estate planning attorneys who provide exceptional service and overall satisfaction, resulting in an elite group of professionals. Nancy Roberson has been selected, and is named, as one of these elite professionals in the October issue of Cincinnati Magazine.

Dangers of Executing Your Own Will

The employees of our firm are big proponents of saving money and being good stewards of your assets. However, many people confuse being cheap with being wise managers of their money. There is definitely a difference between the two actions. That is why we are reminding you to take caution when not seeking a qualified, state-specific lawyer to draft your estate planning documents in an effort to save money.

Make Your Passing Easy on Heirs: Do Your Estate Planning!

Many people do estate planning for reasons like avoiding probate, minimizing estate taxes, and bequeathing charitable gifts; however, another important reason is often overlooked. Doing estate planning for the purpose of making things easier on heirs is enough motivation for some people due to the legal battle that often ensues when a person dies before getting their affairs in order.

May is National Elder Law Month

National Elder Law Month is sponsored by the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA), a group of Elder Law Attorneys of which our firm is a member. During Elder Law Month, NAELA members across the country offer public seminars, workshops, and other activities designed to educate the public. All of the attorneys at our firm will be speaking for these types of events every week during the month of May at various locations. Following is a list of all the events where our attorneys will be speaking this month.

Do Not Make These Four Estate Planning Mistakes

The Wall Street Journal recently published a video on its website titled "Four Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid" that summarizes some typical mistakes that people make when it comes to planning for a death or a disability.  The first mistake is a common one that we hear many times in our practice, which is not planning due to fear.  Believe it or not, many people are superstitious about planning for death.  People fear that once they get the ball rolling on estate planning, inevitably something bad will happen.


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